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East Sports News

East 55
Ellet 13

Sat., Oct. 20
vs. North
at Buchtel

Football web site

Ohio high school football computer rankings
for Division III
Region 9

Junior Varsity
Mon., Oct. 22
4:00 p.m.
vs. North
at home

Cross Country

Div. I District
Sat., Oct. 20
at GlenOak High

Season concluded

Div. II District
East 8-5-12
C.V.C.A. 25-25-25
Season concluded

Junior Varsity
Season concluded

Middle School
Season concluded

Middle School

Season concluded

East Band News

Mons. & Thurs.
After-school practices
3:08-4:00 p.m.

Sat., Oct. 20
vs. North
at Buchtel
Report @ 10:15 a.m.

State Report Cards

Every year the Ohio Dept. of Education issues a report card for every school in the state. Evaluated are factors such as test scores, reading competency, and graduation rates.

Listed below are the report cards for the schools of the East Cluster for the 2017-18 school year.


David Hill
East High & Middle

Thank You

Thanks to the following organizations and individuals who made contributions to the schools of the East Cluster:

• Thanks to Benjamin Schrader, executive chef at the Hilton Garden Inn on E. Market St., for donating $1,147 for grades K-2 at Robinson to be used for a field trip, guest speakers, a luncheon, and a gardening program at the school.

NMG Aerospace donated $2,094 to purchase books for the the Robinson Reading Initiative.

Trinity Lutheran Church donated $1,500 to purchase books for the the Robinson Reading Initiative.

• The East High Alumni Assoc. donated $1,800 for the school's volleyball program and $100 for the football team.

Heart to Heart Communications donated $150 to the East band.

• The GAR Foundation has awarded a $5,900 grant to Mason for a classroom-based initiative called "My Creativity, My Future."

• The Social and Emotional Learning Fund has awarded a $5,000 grant to support school-wide projects at Seiberling.

• The Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation has awarded a $5,000 grant to Seiberling to continue its Exploring the Cuyahoga River Watershed educational initiative.

Michael Hayes donated $1,100 to East for the band and the Athletic Dept. He also donated an additional $400 for the band to purchase a new marching banner.

Sit With Us

"Come sit with us" would be welcome words at lunch time to many a student in many a school cafeteria.

As a result of her experience of eating lunch alone and often being bullied at her previous high school, Natalie Hampton of California realized that instead of merely longing to hear those words, she would take the initiative and create an app that would promote inclusiveness.

The Sit With Us app, which is free to download and private to use, connects kids looking for company or just someone to eat lunch with, with other like-minded students.

Contact Us

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this web site or its contents, send us an e-mail.

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Prospective colleigans take note:

Univ. of Akron, Stark State
Prepare to Connect

The University of Akron and Stark State College have announced an academic partnership called Direct Connect.   This arrangement will allow students to enroll simultaneously at both institutions.

Stark State offers associate degrees, while Akron offers associate, bachelor's, and graduate degrees.

University of Akron interim President, John Green, stated, "We are actively pursuing a path of widening the educational pipeline in Akron."

The terms of this arrangement will allow students to transition seamlessly from earning an associate degree at Stark to pursuing a bachelor's degree at Akron.   And instead of attending Akron for those first two years of college, students, in many areas of study, can get the same curriculum at Stark at a savings in tuition costs.

John Green noted that students with two-year degrees could use their credentials to get a job to help pay for their bachelor's degree.

Stark State President, Para Jones, pointed out the additional benefit that Stark State students "...will be able to start working with admission counselors, faculty advisers at the University of Akron."

In addition, Stark students participating in Direct Connect will have access to University facilities such as Akron's libraries, recreation center, and computer labs.

Here is the story from the Akron Beacon Journal.


David Hill Gardens
Earn Certification

The school gardens at David Hill have earned certification from the National Wildlife Federation.

In order to qualify, a garden must offer food, water, and shelter for beneficial animals and/or insects.   A certified garden must also offer a place to raise protected wildlife and engage in sustainable practices.

To quote the National Wildlife Federation, "Every habitat garden is a step toward replenishing resources for wildlife locally and along migratory corridors."


Events at Robinson

Robinson Reads!   Robinson wants every student to read...every day.   At a recent assembly, staff members used songs, stories, humor, and dance to stress the importance of reading to the students.

In another event held on September 19, Robinson hosted a Donuts with Dad breakfast.   Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, etc., accompanied their student to school and shared a breakfast with them.

The Donuts with Dads event was sponsored by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and Akron's Man2Man Fatherhood Building Program.

Robinson Reads!

Principal Anthony Lane wears his strongest reading glasses
while reading to Robinson students.

Donuts with Dads

One of the fathers and students at the Donuts with Dads breakfast.


Attention Seniors:

Prospective college students for the 2019-20 academic year can begin submitting FAFSA applications as of October 1.

To the Class of 2019:

Prepare for a
Tougher Path to Graduation

Message to the Class of 2019:   You will likely have fewer paths to graduation than the class before you.

Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, seniors must complete their required course work and then meet one of the three pathways for graduation:

  • earn at least 18 points on seven end-of-course state tests
  • earn an industry-recognized credential in a single career field
  • achieve a remediation-free score in math and language arts on either the ACT or SAT.

Due to the concern by school districts that so many of their seniors might not graduate, the Class of 2018 was given several alternative pathways to graduation.   The Ohio Board of Education has requested that these alternate options be extended to the classes of 2019 and 2020.

However, Chair of the Senate Education Committee, Peggy Lehner, said in April that this is unlikely to happen.   Former Ohio Board of Education member and current Miami University trustee, Tom Gunlock, agrees that this extension should not be granted.

Said Gunlock, "I think we're shortchanging our students by not demanding more from them."   He added, "I'm all for 100 percent of our kids graduating with an education, not 100 percent of our kids graduating just for a participation trophy."

For more information on this topic, including a profile of the Class of 2019 at Kenmore-Garfield, read this article from WKSU.


Something Fishy at Seiberling

Even with the lights off, there is a glow in Room 212B at Seiberling.   The glow comes from an aquarium containing six flourescent tetra glofish.

Observing and caring for the fish is a project adopted by the fifth graders at the school.

Students have already named their aquatic friends: Diamond (purple), Pinky Pie (pink), Bubbles (blue), Lucky (red), SpongeBob (yellow), and Bob (green).

Seiberling's glofish


Hoping to attend Ohio State?

Better study a foreign language

A recent study from the Center for American Progress explored whether each state's high school graduation requirements meet the admission standards for that state's flagship university.

Researchers found that Ohio's high school graduation requirements either meet or exceed the number of courses needed in most subject areas for admission to Ohio's flagship university, Ohio State (O.S.U.), with the exception of foreign languages.

Eighty-nine percent (89%) of students admitted to O.S.U. took more than two years of a foreign language in high school, although there is no such requirement in order to receive a high school diploma in Ohio.

Ohio State requires a minimum of two units of a foreign language in order to qualify for admission.   Three units are recommended.

When it comes to the rigor of required courses, the Center for American Progress study's co-author, Laura Jimenez, says that students aren't reaching the level of study required by O.S.U. in science either.

"In order to be prepared for whatever choice the student makes to pursue after high school, a rigorous course load in high school really is the best preparation for that," Jimenez says.



Valuable School Info

Some important things to know for the 2018-19 school year:

Code of
student behavior

College & Career

Dress code

Home Access

Inclement weather procedures

Mason info

Parents' handbook

School supply list

Start & end times


test takers

Testing dates

Practice tests

Ohio Graduation
Test info

Testing dates

Practice tests

Looking Ahead

College & Career

Some overlooked scholarship opportunities



math students

Discovery Educ.

Homework Spot

Info Please

Khan Academy


East High
Marketing Class

Aids to Deal
with Bullying

Bully Free:
It Starts With Me

The BULLY Project

I Am A Witness

National Bullying
Prevention Center

Sit With Us



Band's new
marching banner

Bio-med careers

College & career

Computer Sci.
vs. Algebra II


Earn scholarship $
for K.S.U.

East-Bridgestone partnership

Free tuition
for future

Fruits & veggies

KeyBank grant

Ohio Board of Ed.
wants less testing

Texting & driving


class reunion

Alumni Group

Class of 1968
reunion pics

Class of 1976
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Class reunion

East High Alumni
Association web site


For a list of resources helpful to residents of the East Cluster neighborhoods , click here.

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What is a Cluster?

six clusters The Akron Public Schools are divided into six neighborhood groups or clusters — each headed by the traditional high school located within that cluster.   The rest of the cluster is made up of the middle school that feeds into that high school and the various elementary schools that feed into that middle school.   The clusters were formed to increase community identity within a large school system.

The East Cluster schools work among themsevles, and with parent and community groups, to develop a partnership to best serve our student population.

The cluster concept helps to make a large school system much more personal and responsive to the needs of its students, parents, and the larger community.   The East Cluster has always been a very active, engaged cluster with great school and community pride.

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