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Click on the calendar below to see a list of events involving the schools of the East Cluster.

East High Sports

Mar. 28 @ 1:00 p.m.
Kingsway Christian
at Reservoir Pk.

Mar. 30 @ 4:30 p.m.
at Garfield

Mar. 28 @ 9:00 a.m.
Mike Bevan Invitational
at Hoban

East Students Mean Business

East High students fared well at the recent district competitions sponsored by the Ohio chapter of the Business Professionals of America.

Nine students qualified to advance to state competition March 12 & 13 in Columbus.

Here is the complete list of East High placements.

Seiberling Learns to Eat Better

Seiberling third graders now know how to create balanced meals, how to read food labels, and how to burn off fat after a recent visit from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

The students took part in the "You Are What You Eat" presentation, part of the Museum's Health on Wheels program.

Here are some details of the Museum's visit.

State Report Cards

Every year the Ohio Dept. of Education issues a report card for every school in the state. Evaluated are factors such as test scores, attendance, and graduation rates.

Listed below are the report cards for the schools of the East Cluster for the past two school years.


David Hill
East High & Middle


David Hill
East High & Middle

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East Seeking
Basketball Coaches

Contracts for Wojcik, Shaw
won't be renewed

There will be some new faces on the sidelines at East High basketball games during the upcoming 2015-16 season.

Ron Linger, interim Program Manager of Interscholastic Athletics for the Akron Public Schools (A.P.S.), and former Athletic Director at East, has announced that contracts for current boys' basketball coach, Joe Wojcik, and current girls' basketball coach, LaCresia Shaw, will not be renewed.

He states that East principal, Felisha Gould, "...has decided to move in a different direction..."

Shaw will continue to be the head volleyball coach at East.

If interested, here is the link to the A.P.S. job postings web page.

Joe Wojcik LaCresia Shaw

Year-Round Schools for Akron?

Superintendent floats the idea

David James Year-round classes could be coming to an Akron Public School (A.P.S.) near you.   This possibility was offered by School Superintendent, David James, at his State of the Schools message on February 24.

James, a proponent of year-round schooling, said "I think this is going to happen sooner rather than later."

The Superintendent would like to adjust the A.P.S. academic calendar to help combat what he calls the "summer slide."   This, as James pointed out in a WKSU interview, is when students "...forget content and then at the beginning of the year, teachers are spending the first couple of weeks going over stuff that kids should have learned already."

As with any major systemic change, there are many details to be worked out: for example, the financing of a longer school year and necessary adjustments to teacher contracts.

The entire text of the Superintendent's speech can be seen here.

James' remarks to WKSU's M.L. Schultze are available here.

For a summary of the entire State of the Schools address, read the Akron Beacon Journal article here.


Linger Takes New Job

Interim head of interscholastic sports

Ron Linger Someone familiar to the East High family, Ron Linger, has been appointed by the Akron Board of Education to be the interim Program Manager of Interscholastic Athletics for the school district.

He takes over for the recently retired Joe Howard.

Linger, a 1976 East High grad, has 32 1/2 years of service with the Akron Public Schools.   He previously served as East's Athletic Director.   He aslo taught and coached at Central-Hower and taught at Firestone.

Linger's resume also includes being selected as the center on the Beacon Journal All-City football team for the 1975 season.

To listen to the WAKR interview with Linger, click here.


Giving Peace a Chance

Tips to dealing with the police

Sometimes people are in doubt about what to do when stopped by the police.   Sometimes this doubt can lead to unnecessary confrontations.   The group Akron PeaceMakers and the City of Akron are working to prevent these unfortunate encounters.

Members of PeaceMakers, all Akron Public School (A.P.S.) students, gave a presentation at the Feb. 11 meeting of Akron City Council to offer their plan to educate the public — especially their fellow students.

The group is in the process of distributing informational cards, entitled "You and the Law," to all A.P.S. middle and high school students.

The cards offer helpful advice such as:   "Your basic rights and responsibilities may not always be clearly defined by law enforcement officials.   If stopped or detained, politely ask the officer 'why' in a manner that is not confrontational."

For more detail on the efforts of the PeaceMakers, here is an article from Leader Publications.

In addition, here is a report broadcast on National Public Radio.

Members of PeaceMakers speak to Akron City Council

(Photo courtesy of Akron Beacon Journal )


Private School
Vouchers Available

Many East Cluster students will qualify

A little-known option available to public school students in Ohio is the EdChoice voucher program.   This allows students in under-performing schools to be eligible for a voucher to attend a private school.

For students to qualify, their school must have received an overall grade of D or F on their state report card for at least two of the past three school years.   (State report cards can be viewed at the bottom of the left column of this web site.)   Students in schools ranked in the lowest 10% of a district's buildings may also qualify.

Because their buildings had overall grades low enough to qualify, students in all the East Cluster schools (Barber, David Hill, Mason, Robinson, East Middle, and East High) except Seiberling are eligible to apply for a private school voucher for the 2015-16 school year.

Families can begin applying for vouchers for the upcoming school beginning on February 1.   Up to 60,000 scholarships will be available.   Students in kindergarten through eighth grade can receive up to $4,250 in funding, while high school students can receive up to $5,000.

Parents/guardians should first apply for admission to the private school of their choice.   If their student is accepted, the private school will submit the voucher application to the Ohio Department of Education.

For a complete list of all Ohio schools eligible for EdChoice vouchers, click here.

Further details of the EdChoice program are available in this Columbus Dispatch article.




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For a list of resources helpful to residents of the East Cluster neighborhoods , click here.

where to?

What is a Cluster?

seven clusters The Akron Public Schools are divided into seven neighborhood groups or clusters — each headed by the high school located within that cluster.   The rest of the cluster is made up of the middle school that feeds into that high school and the various elementary schools that feed into that middle school.   The clusters were formed to increase community identity within a large school system.

The East Cluster schools work among themsevles, and with parent and community groups, to develop a partnership to best serve our student population.

The cluster concept helps to make a large school system much more personal and responsive to the needs of its students, parents, and the larger community.   The East Cluster has always been a very active, engaged cluster with great school and community pride.

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