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Student Board of Ed. Rep

Senior, Kyrice Brunson, will serve again this year as the high school student member on the Akron Board of Education representing East.

Kyrice also served as a student Board member as a junior.

In addition, Kyrice will lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the November 16 Board of Education meeting.

Kyrice Brunson

Thank You

Thanks to the following organizations and individuals who made contributions to the schools of the East Cluster:

• The Ohio Lottery Comm. has donated the following to Robinson:
≻ A $1,000 gift card at Office Depot to be used for school supplies;
≻ 220 drawstring backpacks valued at $2,357.60;
≻ 14 items of sports memorabilia, valued at $3,000, to be used for school fundraisers.

Michael Hayes donated $2,300 to East to be used as follows:
≻ $300 for the Marine Corps JROTC drill team;
≻ $600 for the Choir's keyboard fundraiser;
≻ $500 for the Athletic Dept.;
≻ $900 for the band.

Trinity Lutheran Church has donated the following to Robinson:
≻ $715 for teachers to use as student incentives;
≻ $1,300 to cover the cost of renewal of Raz Kids & Starfall software;
≻ teaching supplies to assist with on-line learning, valued at $5,625.65;
≻ $200-worth of gift cards for teachers to use as student incentives.

• The GAR Foundation donated $14,000 to East to support increasing student performance in core content areas.

East Cluster Sports

The Akron School Board has voted to allow for winter sports to take place (details).

Winter sports delayed

OHSAA winter sports attendance guidelines


Division III
All-District Team

Second Team Offense
Daekwan Sanders

Second Team Defense
Brandon Gates

Honorable mention
Eric Holley

Boys Basketball
Schedule pending

Girls Basketball
Schedule pending

Schedule pending

Schedule pending

Meal Program to Continue

The Akron Public Schools will continue its free breakfast and lunch meal distribution program as of September 9.

Grab-and-go bags, available to all children between the ages of 1 and 18, can be picked up at any of 37 neighborhood school buildings, including all East Cluster schools.

Meal pick-up will be available Mon. through Fri., between 10:00 a.m. and noon, on a drive-up or walk-up basis only.

For complete details, read the Akron Beacon Journal article here.

Local College Info

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State Report Cards

Every year the Ohio Dept. of Education issues a report card with letter grades for every public school in the state. Evaluated are factors such as standardized test scores, reading competency, and graduation rates.

Due to the CoViD-19, the 2019-20 in-person school year was interrupted in March; and state standardized tests were cancelled.

Consequently, the report cards for the 2019-20 school year are a bit sketchy. There are no letter grades, and some of the data is incomplete.

Here are the report cards for all of the Akron Public Schools.

And here is some background info on last year's report cards.

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Making the Grade

Each year the Akron Beacon Journal recognizes deserving students from area school districts through their Make the Grade project.   A Teen of the Month is selected from a group of nominees.

One of the nominees for the current month is East senior, Alison Lee.   And the Teen of the Month, selected from that group of nominees, is another East senior, Jonah John Melendres Kristan (pictured below).

Read Jonah's story here.

Jonah John Melendres Kristan

Computers Gone Astray

An investigative report conducted by Cleveland television station Fox 8 has determined that 1,553 devices (Chromebooks, wi-fi "hot spots," etc.), distributed by the Akron Public Schools to its students, are unaccounted for and considered missing or stolen.

These notebook computers with internet access were given to students to allow them to continue their classes remotely while Akron school buildings are closed due to the CoViD-19 pandemic.

Director of Communications, Mark Williamson, reports, "I think we have to keep in mind, we have a population of a couple thousand [students] without homes and move a lot.   We have many others with a high mobility rate who move a lot.   We have many students who don't have typical family structures."

The school district files a police report for every missing or stolen computer.


Akron Public Schools
Delays Re-opening Buidlings

Start of winter sports also delayed

Akron Public Schools Superintendent, David James, issued a letter to staff on November 20 announcing that any potential re-opening of the district's buildings will be delayed due to a "...frighteningly rapid increase in COVID cases here in Ohio and in the nation."

The school district is also amending its plans to offer in-person help to students struggling with remote learning. That assistance was scheduled to begin on November 30.   No date has been determined for the resumption of that service.

In addition, the beginning of winter sports has been paused until at least the middle of December.

James stated, "Even with our usual diligence and sound, strategic planning, we are at the mercy of this virus."

For additional detail, read the story appearing in the Akron Beacon Journal.

(This decision by the superintendent negates or modifies some of the information in the two Board of Education articles immediately below.)

Board Gives OK
for Winter Sports

With some restrictions

At a special meeting held on November 2, the Akron Board of Education voted to allow winter sports to begin immediately.   This decision will apply to varsity and junior varsity teams.

Highlights of the Board's decision are:

  • The Board voted 5-2 to allow the start of contact sports (basketball and wrestling) with requirements for weekly CoViD-19 testing.
  • They voted 4-3 to allow the start of non-contact sports (bowling and swimming) with no requirement for testing.
  • Each participating athlete will be allowed two tickets to give to spectators of their choice.
  • According to the school district's athletic director, Joe Vassalotti, the City Series event sites (Buchtel, Ellet, and Firestone for basketball; East and North for westling) will be limited to 15% spectator capacity and were selected because they have proper ventilation and the space to allow for social distancing guidelines.

Board President, Patrick Bravo, stated, "This is an extremely difficult decision that this Board made; and, as you can see, it was not a unanimous decision.   And so there's a responsibility and a trust that we are placing in our student athletes, our coaches, our parents, and our families."

If you're interested in viewing the entire virtual Board meeting, you can watch it on YouTube.

For a condensed version, read the article as reported in the Akron Beacon Journal.


Board of Ed. decides

Second Nine Weeks of School
Will Remain Virtual

One of the victims claimed by the recent surge in
CoViD-19 infections in Ohio is the hope that Akron Public School students would be able to return to the classroom during the second nine-week grading period of the 2020-21 school year.

At its October 26 meeting the Akron Board of Education voted 7-0 to continue virtual (remote) learning but to also implement a "Remote Plus" plan recommended by Superintendent David James.

Under this plan, students who are having difficulties with the virtual education format will have in-person help available beginning on November 30.   The new grading period began on November 11.

Here is some additional detail on the October 26 Board meeting as reported in the Akron Beacon Journal.

Akron Board of Education members

Akron Board of Education


Supplying the Students
at Barber

In the top picture below, educational assistants, Angela Leasure and Debbie Clifton, are seen assembling nearly 300 bags of school supplies for distrubution to Barber students.

The lower picture shows the drive-through distribution.   And, as you can see, everyone involved in the process was masked for the safety of those around them.

It's Time to FAFSA

Beginning on October 1, 2020, those planning to attend college between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022, were able to start submitting their FAFSA applications.   The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the gateway to receiving financial aid for college.

For assistance in completing the application, visit the Homeroom blog created by the U. S. Department of Education.

For some additional info on financing a college education, visit the nerdwallet web site.

Remeber, the first "F" in FAFSA stands for "free."   There is no charge to submit an application.

A Veterans Day Salute

From the East virtual choir

Sometimes, during these days of CoViD-19-forced virtual learning, we lose sight of the fact that education is still taking place.

As evidence of this, Mrs. Megan Meyer and members of the East C.L.C. Combined Virtual Choir have created this musical video of "My Country 'tis of Thee."   Not an easy task to co-ordinate 40-some singers from 40-some locations and create a unified production.

Although this video was created primarily for Veterans Day, it is uplifting to listen to any time.


Valuable School Info

Some important things to know for the 2020-21 school year:

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For a list of resources helpful to residents of the East Cluster neighborhoods , click here.

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