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Friday, October 29
• End of 1st grading period

Wednesday, November 10
• Career Education Fair

Watch Us Build


Keep track of the progress of the construction of the new East/Goodyear Community Learning Center (and the other East Cluster buildings) by clicking here.

Where to?

where to?

East Cluster home page

Goodyear's Akron Public School System web site

Goodyear Middle School

Goodyear Middle School)

49 N. Martha Ave.
Akron, Ohio   44305-4090

Phone:   330-794-4135
Fax:   330-794-4192

Home of the Wingfoots

Changes for the New School Year

Change is always exciting and interesting.   Here are the changes that will take place on the Goodyear Campus for the 2010-2011 school year:

  • The name Goodyear Middle School will cease to exist.
  • Seventh and eighth graders will return, as uaual, to the 45 N. Martha Ave. building on September 1, 2010.   This building is now considered part of the East Community Learning Center.
  • Sixth graders will remain in their Cluster elementary buildings.
  • The Martha Ave. building, formerly Goodyear Middle School, will be renamed East C.L.C. - Goodyear Campus.
  • When our new building next to East on Brittain Rd. is completed, the students will move to that building.   The current projected date for that move is some time after winter break (i.e., January, 2011).

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

A New Principal on Campus

Say hello to the new principal of the Goodyear Campus,   Nicki Embly.   Mrs. Embly comes to Goodyear as she begins her 28th year as an educator.   Her previous experience includes teaching in grades kindergarten through eight in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the U. S. Virgin Islands and ten years as an administrator.

As we welcome Mrs. Embly to Goodyear, here is her letter of welcome to Goodyear students, parents, and the community at large.

Goodyear's Future Home

Construction continues for Goodyear's new home as part of the East Community Learning Center.   The separate middle school wing, being built facing Brittain Rd. and adjacent to the existing East High building, could open as soon as January, 2011.


How About a Movie?

cameraman As a middle school teacher, would you like to offer your classes a curriculum that encompasses many areas of learning at the same time?   As a middle school student, would you like to learn while watching classic movies?

Maybe the answer to both wishes is the free curriculum sponsored by Turner Classic Movies and IBM called
The Story of Movies.

Because of its interdisciplinary approach to studying film, The Story of Movies integrates the core subjects of language arts, history and social studies, music, art, and science.   In screening film segments and investigating both the language of film and the historical and cultural context in which a film is produced, students practice critical reading and thinking skills and formulate ideas through discussions, written reports, and group activity projects

How Do I Get to Goodyear?

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