Prospective college students:

Connect Your
Higher Education Options

Did you know that the University of Akron and Stark State College have created an academic partnership called Direct Connect?   This arrangement allows students to enroll simultaneously at both institutions.

Stark State offers associate degrees, while Akron offers associate, bachelor's, and graduate degrees.

University of Akron interim President, John Green, stated, "We are actively pursuing a path of widening the educational pipeline in Akron."

The terms of this partnership allow students to transition seamlessly from earning an associate degree at Stark to pursuing a bachelor's degree at Akron.   And instead of attending Akron for those first two years of college, students, in many areas of study, can get the same curriculum at Stark at a savings in tuition costs.

John Green noted that students with two-year degrees could use their credentials to get a job to help pay for their bachelor's degree.

Stark State President, Para Jones, pointed out the additional benefit that Stark State students "...will be able to start working with admission counselors, faculty advisers at the University of Akron."

In addition, Stark students participating in Direct Connect will have access to University facilities such as Akron's libraries, recreation center, and computer labs.