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Click on the calendar below to see a list of events involving the schools of the East Cluster.

East High Sports

Boys Basketball
Firestone 82
East 48

Dec. 27 Akron Basketball Classic
at Buchtel
Varsity - 5:45 p.m.

Girls Basketball
East 30
North 38

Dec. 20 Elms
JV - 1:00 p.m.
Varsity - 2:30 p.m.

Seiberling Student Leads Pledge

Seiberling sixth grader and honor roll student, Dorian Keys, was selected to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the Nov. 24 Akron Board of Education meeting.

Dorian has been on the honor roll at Seiberling every grading period of every year.

(Additional detail and picture here.)

East Students Honored

East High seniors, Cathy Farrance and Kyle Jacot, along with math and science students from other Summit County high schools, were honored on Nov. 6 at the annual honors and awards banquet hosted by the Akron Council of Engineering and Scientific Societies.

East High

Yearbooks for the 2013-14 school year can be picked up in the office during school hours.

State Report Cards

Every year the Ohio Dept. of Education issues a report card for every school in the state. Evaluated are factors such as test scores, attendance, and graduation rates.

Listed below are the report cards for the schools of the East Cluster for the past two school years.


David Hill
East High & Middle


David Hill
East High & Middle


Remembering the Holocaust

Akron's Annual Arts and Writing Contest

The City of Akron is sponsoring it's 27th annual Holocaust Arts and Writing Contest.   This year's theme is "Helpers and Bystanders: Rescue and Indifference."

Competition in the fields of writing, multi-media, or visual arts is open to any student living in Summit County in grades 6 - 12.

Deadline for submitting an entry is 6:00 p.m. on January 30, 2015.   Prizes will be awarded at Akron's Hollocuast Commemoration on April 14.

Complete contest details, previous winners and examples of their work, and other contest resources are available at the City's Holocaust web site here.


Extra Time in College Is Costly

Most students don't finish in four years

A recent study by Complete College America ( link) entitled "Four-Year Myth" concluded that the large majority of full-time college students in the U.S. do not graduate in four years.

This increased time in the classroom costs students and their families thousands of additional dollars in college-related expenses and student loans.

Said Complete College America President, Stan Jones, "Student loan debt has for the first time topped one trillion dollars — more than credit card and auto loan debt combined."

In addition, staying in college longer causes students to delay entering the workforce thus resulting in lost earnings.

The study also indicates that only 50 of the more than 580 four-year public colleges and universities report four-year graduation rates equal to or greater than 50% for full-time students.

To help remedy this situation, Complete College America advocates a different kind of GPS for students. This GPS, Guided Pathways to Success, would provide students with the most direct route to graduation and career.

College majors would be organized into a systematic set of required courses and electives that would lead to on-time graduation.

To read the report in detail, click here.

(Immediately below is an article detailing the University of Akron's effort to see students earn their degrees in a more timely manner.)


Message to prospective college students:

Akron U. Urges You to
"Finish in Time"

The University of Akron wants students to step up their course loads and complete their studies in a more timely manner.   To spread this message, the University has launched its "Finish in Time" video promotional campaign.

Video #1      Video #2     

The University is urging students to take at least 15-16 credit hours per semester.   As an incentive, the University is allowing students to take up to 16 credit hours for the same tuition cost as 12 credit hours.

Completing a degree in four years instead of five can save a student nearly $13,000 in tuition and fees and will allow students to graduate sooner and with less accumulated debt ( details).

Here is an Akron Beacon Journal article with more detail on the video campaign.


Less Testing for Ohio Students?

H.B. 228 would limit testing time

If you think there's too much testing in Ohio schools, the Ohio House of Representatives agrees.   By an 88-4 margin, the House passed House Bill 228 (H.B. 228) on November 20.

H.B. 228, which would limit the time spent on state-mandated standardized tests to four hours per subject per school year, now goes to the Ohio Senate for consideration.

Said bill co-sponsor, Andrew Brenner of the 67th House District, "This bill was supported by pretty much everyone, people on the ground: the parents, the teachers, the superintendents."

The bill may not see any action in the Ohio Senate until the new 131st Ohio General Assembly convenes in January.

For more detail on H.B 228, here is an article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.


A Longer School Year in Ohio?

A long shot in the legislature

Sen. Eric Kearney If it were up to State Sen. Eric Kearney, the school year in Ohio would last an additional 38 days for public and charter school students.

In the closing days of the 130th Ohio General Assembly, Sen. Kearney, of Ohio's 9th senatorial district, has introduced S.B. 377.   If enacted into law, this bill would increase the number of days Ohio students are required to attend class from 182 to 220.

Said Kearney, "My goal is to make Ohio students competitive in the global marketplace.   In the world's leading economies, students go to school substantially longer than students in Ohio."

He cited the fact that students in China are in class 260 days; in Japan, 243 days; in Germany, 240 days; and in South Korea and Australia, 220 days.

Ohio students would still get a summer vacation but only for the month of July and part of August.

For more information on Sen. Kearney's legislation, read the news report from Cincinnati television station, WCPO.


Why A.P.S. Students
Get Transferred

It is Akron Public School (A.P.S.) policy to transfer students to another school when they are involved in such serious student code of behavior violations as bringing a weapon to school, assaulting a teacher, or assaulting another student.

Such transfers out occured 287 times last school year.   Most transfers were from Buchtel (36), East (31), Kenmore (26), and Garfield (24).   It should be noted that the figures for Buchtel and East include both middle and high schools since those campuses are comprised of grades 7-12.   The other five A.P.S. high schools are grades 9-12.

Of those 287 transferred out, nearly 240 were sent to another Akron Public School.   East received 17 such transfers in.

For more information on student transfers, read the recent Akron Beacon Journal article.

Here is the A.P.S. code of student behavior.




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Read Any Good Books Lately?

Futurist, entrepreneur, and PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel, has written a sort of self-help book for innovators entitled Zero to One.

Thiel contends that there are still vast horizons to explore and new inventions to create. He states that further innovation will come about not by competing with already-established business but by starting businesses that are unique.

This book is probably best suited for bright middle schoolers and above.

Below are two reviews of Zero to One:

The Atlantic


For a list of resources helpful to residents of the East Cluster neighborhoods , click here.

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What is a Cluster?

seven clusters The Akron Public Schools are divided into seven neighborhood groups or clusters — each headed by the high school located within that cluster.   The rest of the cluster is made up of the middle school that feeds into that high school and the various elementary schools that feed into that middle school.   The clusters were formed to increase community identity within a large school system.

The East Cluster schools work among themsevles, and with parent and community groups, to develop a partnership to best serve our student population.

The cluster concept helps to make a large school system much more personal and responsive to the needs of its students, parents, and the larger community.   The East Cluster has always been a very active, engaged cluster with great school and community pride.

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