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Football Web Site Kick Off

Head football coach, Marques Hayes, invites everyone to visit the newly-launched East High School football web site.

Here you can view the varsity and junior varsity schedules, see the team and coaching rosters, look at game scores and stats, and much more.

Looking Ahead

Saving for college

Some overlooked scholarship opportunities


David Hill Students Leads Pledge

Daivd Hill fifth graders Alvin Stallworth and Nakiyah Collins
were selected to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the Jan. 13 and Jan. 27 Akron Board of Education meetings.

East High

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Seiberling PTA


ACT / SAT testing

Cluster rebuilding

Middle schools

PISA testing

School safety

Texting while driving

State Report Cards

Every year the Ohio Dept. of Education issues a report card for every school in the state. Evaluated are factors such as test scores, attendance, and graduation rates.

Listed below are the report cards for the schools of the East Cluster. The 2012-13 report cards use the new A-F grading system that is being phased in. The report cards for the 2011-12 school year use the old scoring system.


David Hill
East High & Middle


David Hill
East High & Middle

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Fore !!

Second annual Dragon Open

The second annual East High Dragon Open will be held Saturday, April 26, at Turkeyfoot Lake Golf Links at 294 W. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd. at 1:00 p.m.   All proceeds from the event will help fund the East High Athletic Dept. for the coming school year.

The cost to participate is $70, which will include greens fees for 18 holes, golf cart, lunch, dinner, and five drink tickets.

If you have questions, call either Athletic Director, Chuck Rusinek (330-815-1451), Asst. Athletic Director, Eric Homa (330-388-5588), or Alumni Assoc. officer, George Tonies (330-815-2001).   If you prefer, you can contact Chuck or Eric via the e-mail links below.

Chuck Rusinek       Eric Homa

Here is the golf outing flyer with additional info.


Common Core Practice Testing

East Cluster schools involved

All the schools of the East Cluster will be part of about 120,000 Ohio students taking part in field testing for the Common Core curriculum.

The Common Core is a shared set of learning based on the premise that there is certain knowledge that should be common to all students in the United States.   Currently 44 states have fully adopted the curriculum.

The test scores will not count on this occasion.   In fact, test takers won't even know their scores.   The purpose of this dry run is to see how well the test functions, work out any "bugs," and give school districts an idea of test content.

Below are the tests to be given, grade level, and number of classes involved at each Cluster school:

  • Barber
    • 5th grade language arts (2 classes)
    • 6th grade math (2 classes)
  • David Hill
    • 4th grade language arts (2 classes)
    • 6th grade math (2 classes)
  • Mason
    • 6th grade language arts (2 classes)
  • Robinson
    • 6th grade math (2 classes)
  • Seiberling
    • 6th grade language arts (2 classes)
  • East Middle
    • 7th grade language arts (2 classes)
    • 8th grade math (2 classes)
  • East High
    • 9th grade language arts (4 classes)
    • 11th grade language arts (3 classes)

Learn more about Common Core testing in this Cleveland Plain Dealer article.


Ohio Schools Given Four Additional Calamity Days

Legislature approves H.B. 416

The calamity over calamity days for Ohio schools has been resolved.   After much wrangling since January, the Ohio House and Senate overwhelmingly passed H.B. 416 on March 12.   The bill has been signed into law by Gov. Kasich.

This legislation gives school districts that have used their allotted five calamity days — because of this year's brutal winter weather — an additional four calamity days for this school year only.

However, before these additional calamity days can be used, districts must first make up missed time using four contingency days.

Contingency days can be utilized by scheduling classes on holidays or Saturdays, sending "blizzard bags" home with students so they can complete lessons outside of school, going on line to complete classwork, or adding half-hour increments to already-planned school days.

For additional detail on the new legislation, read the Toledo Blade article here.


Since the Akron Public Schools have missed only eight days this year because of the weather, the additional calamity days do not apply.   However, the disctrict still has three missed days above the five days allowable that have to be made up.

Initially, the Board of Education was going to add three days to the end of the school year.   However, at its March 24 meeting, the Board voted to make up the time by giving students on-line assignments to finish.

The assignments can be completed on a home computer, at school, or at a public library.   Here are the details, and here are the assignments.


Coming in 2016

A Revised SAT

The purpose of pre-college tests like the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Test) is to give college admissions staff an idea as to how well prepared a student is for college-level academics.

Because the SAT has become less effective in predicting this, the College Board has announced major revisions for the test beginning in 2016.   These will be the first changes to the test since 2005.

College Board president, David Coleman, states "It is time to admit that the SAT and ACT have become disconnected from the work of our high schools."

Major changes to the SAT include:

  • the essay portion of the test, added in 2005, will become optional
  • the maximum score attainable will return to 1,600 from the current 2,400
  • the math portion of the test will place more emphasis on problem solving, data analysis, and algebra
  • test vocabulary will be more in line with current college usage
  • in conjunction with the Khan Academy, free instructional videos will be offered to help students prepare for the test.

For more detail, read the article from Inside Higher Ed, (a daily on-line publication focused on college and university topics).


Third Graders
Could Be Held Back

Inability to read at grade level
may delay fourth grade for some

Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee says that beginning this school year, schools cannot promote to fourth grade any third grader whose score is below a certain level on the English portion of the Ohio Achievement Assessment (O.A.A.)

For this year's third graders, anyone scoring under a 392 on the O.A.A. could be retained in third grade.   This threshold will continue to rise each school year until reaching 400.

The Reading Guarantee requires schools to provide reading intervention for elementary students.   If they are not reading at a specified level by the end of third grade, they will be held back.

Based on O.A.A. test results from 2012, Akron has identified 438 students, or about 25 percent of all third-graders, who would likely qualify for retention if their reading scores do not improve.

In order to prevent an inordinate amount of third graders for the 2014-15 school year, the Akron Public Schools are using literacy coaches in the schools to help students with borderline test scores to increase their reading ability.

Below, are two articles with additional information:
    Akron Beacon Journal       StateImpact Ohio

Literacy coach Amy Rudd assists Barber third graders

( Akron Beacon Journal photo courtesy of Karen Schiely)




class reunion

Class reunion

East High Alumni
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Brunner Math

Homework Spot

Khan Academy

Time for Kids

Testing Schedules

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ACT testing

Ohio Achievement

Ohio Graduation

SAT testing

Aids to Deal
with Bullying

Bully Free:
It Starts With Me

Geo Listening

Stop Bullying Now!


to Learn

Students in grades K-8 are required to wear uniform-like attire. Some schools have specific color guidlines. Check with your school office.

The high school dress code has been revised and is listed below.

The complete dress code rules for all Akron Public School students are listed here.

Keeping Plugged In

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For all the latest news in education in the state of Ohio visit the StateImpact Ohio web site here.


For a list of resources helpful to residents of the East Cluster neighborhoods , click here.

where to?

What is a Cluster?

seven clusters The Akron Public Schools are divided into seven neighborhood groups or clusters — each headed by the high school located within that cluster.   The rest of the cluster is made up of the middle school that feeds into that high school and the various elementary schools that feed into that middle school.   The clusters were formed to increase community identity within a large school system.

The East Cluster schools work among themsevles, and with parent and community groups, to develop a partnership to best serve our student population.

The cluster concept helps to make a large school system much more personal and responsive to the needs of its students, parents, and the larger community.   The East Cluster has always been a very active, engaged cluster with great school and community pride.

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